Invitation to Grand Prix Strakonice 2011

AMMC Strakonice invites you to the last race of Czech Grand Prix 2011 in Septemer 2 - 4 2011.

Classes: ES/32, F1/32, ES/24

Race Place Na Kremelce, Strakonice

Grand Prix Pardubice 2011

PR/24: 1.T.Marek 2.P.Vanecek 3.P.Kulovany

F1/32: 1.V.Horky 2.A.Vojtik 3.P.Krcil

ES/24: 1.V.Horky 2.A.Vojtik 3.P.Krcil

Race results and total ranking are available in section RESULTS.

New body Production24

ISRA body 2011 (Ford Fusion) was added to the rulebook.

Invitation to GP Pardubice 2011

SCRC Pardubice welcomes you to 3rd race Grand Prix 2011 in June 10 - 12 2011.

Classes: PR/24, F1/32, ES/24

Race place: Erno Kostala, Pardubice

Grand Prix Praha 2011

Second round of Czech Grand Prix we run from 16 to 17 April on the new track in Prague 6. Grand Prix series returned to Prague after 9 years. New track in Prague, attracted an unprecedented number of participants. We had opportunity to welcome racers from Belgium, Sweden, and Slovakia.

Invitation to GP Praha 2011

AMC Podbaba invites you to 2nd race of Czech Grand Prix 2011 in April 15-17.

Classes: PR/24, ES/32, ES/24

Race Place: Pod Juliskou 2, Praha 6

2nd Race Grand Prix 2011

2nd race will organized by AMC Podbaba from 15th to 17th April 2011 on the new track.


2nd race of Czech Grand Prix cannot be hosted in Vienna, due to the fact, that Vienna club must leave the current space to the end of this week.

Track should be again ready in the middle of June before the Eurocup race.

New organizer of 2nd Czech Grand Prix will be notified by March 24.

Grand Prix Jihlava 2011

PR/24: 1.Recek, 2.Kulovany, 3.Horky

ES/32: 1.Vojtik, 2.Horky, 3.Karlik

F1/32: 1.Vojtik, 2.Karlik, 3.Flaisig

Hall of Fame - Grand Prix

Under "RESULTS" you can find complete list of Czech Grand Prix winners from 1989.


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