1st Czech Masters

First Czech Masters was attended by 50 drivers from 7 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech, Finland, Italy, Slovakia and Sweden) including 5 World Champions. In Open12 presented 48 drivers and in ES/24 43 drivers. After Friday's free practice was track closed and participants went on a historical tram sightseeing tours around Prague. After all people had dinner at restaurant near the track and after continued Open12 practice. On Friday participants had more than 10 hours of practice. On Saturday was short practice, followed by technical inspections and Open12 qualification.

Top qualifier in Open 12 was Vladimir Horky with 4.244, second was Petr Vanecek 4.305 and third Michael Landrud 3.349.

According qualification results drivers were lined up to six groups. Group F won Trantura Thomas from Austria with 259 laps. That was enough for 25th place. Jiri Strunc won Group E with 262 laps and finished on 24th place. In group D was the fastest Ladislav Szalai from Slovakia, who finished with 273 laps on 18th place. Pavel Flaisig won Group C and waited if his 288 laps is enough to make final. Finally it was only 12th place. Group B won Jiri Karlik with 298 laps and moved up to the final as the 3rd fastest. Together with him Antonin Vojtik moved up. Third in Group B was Tomas Marek, who missed finals by only 4 meters. Vladimir Horky won Group A with 303 laps and second was Pavel Kulovany with 299 laps. Other finalist were Petr Vanecek, Marek Plecityk, Michael Landrud and Petr Krcil. From group A missed final only Jakub Vujaklija a Milos Hojer.

In the main after 1st segmnt led Petr Krcil followed by Marek Plecity and Vladimir Horky. After 3rd segment Vladimir Horky took the lead and then controlled the race. Vladimir won 1st Czech Masters in Open 12 with 515 laps, second finished Pavel Kulovany with 505 laps. On 3rd place finished Marek Plecity with 499 rounds, followed by Petr Vanecek, Jiri Karlik, Antonin Vojtik, Petr Krcil and finished on 8th place only one foreign finalist Michael Landrud from Sweden.

On Sunday, race continued with ES/24. The fastest qualifying time made Vladimir Horky 3.798 followed by duo from Pardubice Tomas Marek 3.862 and Petr Krcil 3.895.

Group F won Ota Paces senior with 272 laps and finished on 25th place. Fastest in Group E was Libor Kacir and with 273 laps finished 24th. Group D won by Jiri Micek Jr., who made 304 laps and finished on 9th place. He missed final only by 2 laps. In group C Heiki Sinisaari slightly beat Pavel Flaisig. Both finished with 306 laps and finally both moved up to the final. Group B was showed a lot of collisions and fastest Jakub Vujaklija finished with 300 laps on 10th place. Group A was won by Tomas Marek 327 laps followed by Vladimir Horky 325 laps, Petr Krcil and Jiri Micek senior 320 rounds, Antonin Vojtik 318 laps and Jiri Karlik 314 laps. From group A finally missed final Michael Landrud and Milos Hojer.

In main from the beginning led trio Vladimir Horky, Antonin Vojtik and Tomas Marek. After 3rd segment Antonin Vojtik took a lead and each segment slightly increased his lead. In the last segment Vladimir had to change gear and instead of fighting for victory in the end he droped to 3rd place with 537 laps. With 550 laps Antonin Vojtik won 1st Czech Masters in ES/24. On 2nd place finished with 543 laps Tomas Marek. On 4th place finished Jiri Micek senior, followed by Petr Krcil, Jiri Karlik, Pavel Flaisig and Heiki Sinisaari.

Complete results you can find here: Open12 and ES/24.

1st  Czech Masters is over. I hope that most of participants were satisfied. On other hand members home club starting to think about next year.

Jiri Karlik


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